darkness exists in the absence of light


Skribe was born out of the ashes of a reckless, lost, yet brilliant youth from the dirty streets of Crochester N.Y.
In the late summer of 2003, during an "vacation" in the desert of Utah, the entity known as "Skribe DaGod" first took total control of this vessel. After a short transitional faze his name RAS TEHUTI TAFARI was realized. An entity of energy ancient in age, versed in the truths of Rastafari Teachings, The Kemmitic Mysteries, Street Pharmacists, GD Family, Vodoo Music, The Struggle, Long Welfare Lines, Ni**a Shit, Baby Making, and so on... 


In order to address the diversity of self, the SKRIBE manifests in many forms with many egos, including the medicinally charged SKUNK MONK, the eternal TEHUTI TAFARI, & the witty, gritty, and grimmy... BRIGHTON EARLY. His Influences on planet Earth, Astro-projection, the Pyramids of Giza, & Intergalactic Planetary Connectivity. Givings Thanks to life lived as an eternal soul in the body and realities of the dense 3rd dimension.

SKRIBE was a full time member and remains a consistent contributor & collaborator of the GIANT PANDA GUERILLA DUB SQUAD - a Rochester NY based roots/reggae band in which he serves as a percussionist, vocalist, & writer. Skribe is known for his persistent & commanding presence on stage and throughout the NY state music scene, working with countless bands and artist. He also works as an Educator, Lecturer, and Songwriter.